Venere, dove sei?

The pictures in this cycle include 10 pictures from the Sole series.

The following was noted with regard to Sole: “5 photos in B/W, high sensitivity, low contrast photos showing human body parts. Lights blend with skin and hair somewhat abstractly at times while reflections blend with eyes and shades of grey with veins and indefinable shadows. 5 photos in soft colours complete this black and white series and aim to lead the viewer into a new universe.”

Between the earth, the stars and the sun, imagination comes alive, beauty is created and dreams come into being.

South Tyrol, Italy
2000, recomposition 2020

Digital B/W and Colour Photography
10 Images
26.5 x 20 cm (10.4 x 7.9 “)
Archival inkjet print on Moab Juniper Baryta
Open edition, Signed by hand

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