“For the Tyrolean mountain farmer, survival on the mountainside has always been closely linked to sheep farming. Sheep and goats accompanied man throughout the long development process which saw nomadic hunters evolve into shepherds and farmers. Sheep and goats are therefore intrinsically linked to what we would like to refer to as “mountainside culture”.”
Siegfried W. De Rachewiltz

“Count Thun came up with the idea of publishing a book about mountain sheep. Photographic hikes together led us to the Martello and Vallelunga valleys. Accompanying shepherds and their sheep brought me to the heights of the Senales and Val Gardena valleys as well as to the magical world of the Dolomites in and around Tires. “Transumanza” is the attempt to make this idea a reality.”
Andreas Zipperle

The book “Transumanza” contains an impressive mix of 15 b/w and 61 colour photos of Andreas Zipperle, as well as in-depth, specialised texts of Siegfried W. de Rachewiltz and Roberto Togni relating to the subject of man and sheep on the mountainside. It was originally published in 1994 and is now out of print. For this reason and given the fact that the tradition of transhumance i.e. pastoral nomadism was just recently (2019) included in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, the authors would like to reissue this book. We are currently looking for a publisher to support this project.

South Tyrol, Italy and Tirol, Austria
1989 – 1993

15 B/W and 61 Color images


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